BBQ Rotisserie Chicken With Lemon Thyme And Garlic Recipe

Serves 4


1 Whole No. 20 Chicken

1 Cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced

1 Lemon, heat up in a pot of boiling water

6 Sprigs of thyme

100ml Olive oil


Rotisserie kit, including shaft, prongs and motor.

Batteries or power for rotisserie motor

Open grill or hooded barbeque

Drip pan (if hooded barbeque is being used)

Clean pair or pliers and over mitts

Basting brush

Meat thermometer BBQ with Rotisserie and burner

Chopping Board


Bowl for mixing


Once you know how to set up your rotisserie, cooking is as easy as placing the meat on the shaft, turning the motor on, and sitting back to relax with family and friends.

Firstly assemble the rotisserie according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Preheat the BBQ until “hot” registers on the heat indicators. Also heat the rotisserie infra red burner if you have one.

To prepare bird, season inside and out with salt and pepper.

In a bowl, combine olive oil, garlic and thyme. Coat bird with the baste and place hot lemon into the cavity.

Secure bird to the rotisserie shaft, in the middle to ensure an even turning circle, and place the shaft in the motor and turn on.

Turn off the burners off that are directly under the roast and leave the remaining burners on medium.

Close the hood. Try not to open the BBQ hood too often to view the chicken. This will add cooking time and may make the roast cook unevenly.

Chicken will cook for 45 mins per Kg.

To serve, remove the bird from the rotisserie shaft and cut into pieces with kitchen scissors. Season again with salt and pepper and drizzle with lemon juice.

Serve at once with crispy roasted potatoes and your favourite Jus.