Jo Ward’s BBQ Banana Split

Serves: 4
Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 15 minutes


4 bananas, peel on

200g milk chocolate block, broken into pieces

4 banana leaves

300g castor sugar

30ml water

100g glucose

100g smoked bacon (pancetta), diced

½tsp bicarb soda

150g popcorn, popped

1 sheet baking paper

4 scoops Ice-cream


Preheat BBQ to medium heat.

Prepare bananas by slicing lengthways. Fill split with chocolate pieces then wrap each individually in banana leaf. Place wrapped bananas onto the warming rack of the BBQ.

While these are cooking, place castor sugar, water and glucose in a small pot and cook on grill till dark golden brown.

Meanwhile, grill smoked bacon on the BBQ hotplate. Keep bacon moving over hotplate until cooked through and crispy. Lower BBQ hood and cook for another 2-3min to infuse bacon aromatics with cooking bananas. Monitor castor sugar through viewing window to avoid burning.

Remove bacon pieces from BBQ and place onto paper towel to remove excess juices. Next, place bacon and popcorn into a large bowl, mixing to combine.

Once castor sugar is golden brown add bicarb soda, stirring to create honeycomb effect. Pour over popcorn and mix to combine. Spread onto baking paper and set aside.

Finally, remove bananas from BBQ.

To serve, unwrap bananas and place on serving dish, top with ice-cream and sprinkle over caramel bacon popcorn.