Baked Chocolate & Berry Lava Pudding

Serves: 15


4 Eggs

4 Egg Yolks

180g Butter

200g Chocolate

250g Castor Sugar

90g Flour

250g Mixed Berries



2 large bowls


Muffin tray

Paper muffin cups

Whisk or food processor

Small metal tray


Heat BBQ to Hot - 10 minutes then turn middle burners off.

Melt butter & chocolate over bain-marie (in bowl over the saucepan full of water).

Cream eggs, yolks & sugar with a whisk (or food processor) till light.

Fold chocolate mix into yolks. (Be sure that the chocolate mix is not too hot, it might cook the eggs).

Fold sifted flour into mix.

To Cook – Serve your mix into a muffin tray and place a sprinkling of berries to the top of each pudding.

Place the tray into the centre of your BBQ or ideally onto your resting rack. Bake for 9 minutes and be sure to serve runny. If it looks undercooked – it’s probably ready. The side should hold up but the middle is as the name suggests – Lava.

Serve together on a plate with your favourite ice cream or double cream.