Before using your barbecue for the first time you need to 'season' it to remove any coating that may have been applied for shipping.

  1. Ensure the hose and regulator is spanner tightened onto the barbecue and is fully tightened at the gas bottle
  2. Remove the hot plates and scrub with warm water using a soft brush and a little dishwashing liquid
  3. Rinse with hot water and dry with a cloth
  4. Let your barbecue heat for half an hour with the hood up and burners on high to burn off any protective coating
  5. For Cast Iron Hotplates & grills - Turn off BBQ and lightly coat the cooking side of the grill/plate with canola oil or a cooking spray, rub in with a paper towel until there is no more loose dirt/black coming off the BBQ. (Do not use olive oil, butter or margarine)
  6. Heat for another half hour and then let cool
  7. Line the drip tray with aluminium foil and place fat absorbent materials on the drip

*For Enamel & stainless steel hotplates & grills skip to step 7